What is your actual street address?
Collingrove Road, Angaston – 7km south of Angaston, off Eden Valley Road.
What type of horses does Tarrawatta agist?
All types – from thoroughbreds and standardbreds to warmbloods and spellers.
Why should I use Tarrawatta?
Simon is passionate about animals and is an innovator when it comes to animal management. He is always looking for a better way of doing things and is never happy to accept the status quo. Simon is equally passionate about his land, and the most important thing for him is to ensure his love of animals and love for the land are united into a successful business – it’s a win/win situation for all.
What is your experience with horses?
Simon grew up with racehorses and has ensured that all staff at Tarrawatta are very experienced in horse handling and can cater for every requirement.
How do I know my horse/s will be well looked after?
Simon and Ali have undertaken extensive training with Kentucky Equine Research and have developed a system to ensure all paddocks are regularly monitored for nutrients and feeding is adjusted to suit.
How can I get my bloodstock to Tarrawatta?
We can use our own float, or you can use a horse transport company such as Goldners.
Will my horses be put in a paddock together?
Yes, we provide shared paddock agistment.
What are your quarantine regulations?
Two weeks plus a vet check.
How often can I visit my horse/s?
You can visit anytime by appointment.

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